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May 21, 2012 10:00pm EDT
with the police, particularly the metropolitan police when i was home secretary was framed above all by the "lawrence inquiry." i had become home secretary very early in may. i had made no commitment about an investigation into lawrence before the election or at the election, because i did not think it was appropriate, but one thing i did was to call for the papers and look at what had happened or had not happened. and then at the end of july, 1997, three months after taking the job announced this inquiry. and as both lord blair and lord brings out, that was deeply traumatic the metropolitan police, and particularly with lord condon who was my commissioner from 1997 until he retired which was early 2000, and it was absolutely dominant, so i just needed to be a bit what we were dealing with there was much wider failings of the met which came out more dramatically than they did in the course of the inquiry. >> the "lawrence" support -- "lawrence" source was of course, leaked and are you able to comment about the report surrounding that. >> the inquiry report was to be published on a we
May 18, 2012 3:00pm EDT
take on what the culture was as between senior members of the metropolitan police service and journalist journalists. >> i have got no direct knowledge of this. and as i said in my hands of my written statement, i have been through all of the records that the home office could find of this period as home secretary, and the issue of media relations, itself, is very rarely mentioned. i mean, my view from being briefly practiced in the bar of the 1970s when the evidence was emerging of endemic corruption of the police service including london and having taken a close interest in the whole issue of police a accountability from the very first year of the house of commons, because i had a private member s in on that, was that te relationship was not altogether satisfactory one and i certainly didn't take the view. i worked on the basis that i have worked in every police station, every police station, the local and the national papers would have a stringer who is a police officer or member of the staff who they were paying, and that was also just regarded as a fact of life by sen
May 8, 2012 10:00pm PDT
with closer relationships with the metropolitan police than any other newspaper group in the country. police inspectors would retire and become well-paid columnists on these papers, and journalists would leave the tabloids and become pr flacks in the metropolitan police public affairs department. >> bergman: set up in wapping with his four newspapers, murdoch was a man no politician could ignore. >> the most incredible aspect i have seen in my lifetime is the queue of politicians anxious to kiss rupert's backside. >> bergman: but kelvin mackenzie of the sun knew what rupert wanted. he also knew how to use a headline. in 1992, neil kinnock, then the labour party leader, was expected to win, right up to election day. then he got mugged by a headline. >> that was a bit of fun, wasn't it? don't you think it's fun? you should get the page 1. you should stick it on there, make the documentary more interesting. i took basically an old gag. i got a light bulb, stuck kinnock in the middle of it, and the headline sply said, "if kinnock wins today, will the last person to leave britain please turn out
May 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
in the alleys. they hope to meet with police officials some time next week. d.c.'s metropolitan police department is offering up to $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case in what is now classified as felonious assault. maureen? >> john hanrahan tonight >>> police is investigating a double shooting on stevens road. at about 4:30 am. police identified the victim who has died as michael o'shay >>> we are just a little more away from hockey's most dramatic event, a game 7 winner york facing the rangers. fox 5's lindsey murphy is also in the big apple. she joins us now. sounds exciting out there, murph. >> reporter: maureen, it is crazy here in mid-town manhattan but it is so much fun. in a little other four hours, the capitals are going to know their fate. are they heading home for summer or heading to new jersey for the eastern conference final. game 7 is here. madison square garden at 7:30. and the caps already practiced here. they stated for about a half hour as they prepare for their second game 7 of this postseason. the capitals did win game 7 ag
May 16, 2012 5:30pm EDT
beards associated with their religion. they know of no other major metropolitan police department with a written order assuring they can maintain their appearance. change may have not much effect right away because the only officer is a reserve scheduled to graduate in august. the special order allows them to tie beards in a knot and tuck it underneath their chin. the turbines are supposed to match the color of the department issued caps which are blue and display the same badge as seen on the caps. back in one minute with more. >>> jane is our guest this friday on c-span radio. discusses his book, peace, they say. the most famous and controversial prize in the world. >> it was to honor the u.n. but they were saying they were admonishing the american administration in the new world against terror. everything must go through the u.n. that was a message of the peace prize. >> do you know that? >> the chairman was pretty explicit in his so-called presentation speech at the prize ceremony. he was very explicit the next year when the prize goes to jimmy carter. when the chairman announ
May 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
at john. f. kennedy airport. members of the tsa went head-to-head with lond londons famed metropolitan police department. they dragged a 150,000-pound plane about 100 yards looking for the fastest time. the usa took top honors with the tsa clocking in at just over 30 seconds. the competition was to raise money for cancer research but they were probably just told to take off the shoes. they had the advantage. is that a terrible joke? >> blank stare. tell me another. >> i'll save it for later since they are so good. it is time now for an early look at some of the stories we're following throughout the day. the senate will vote on whether to debate a democrat plan to freeze student loans at the current interest rate of 3.4%. taxes on high earning owners of the corporation would pay for it. an alternative republican plan would pay for it by eliminating a provision under the new health care law. elsewhere in washington, the national park service and friends of the national world war ii memorial will lay a wreath to commemorate the 67th anniversary of victory in europe day. and comedian don
May 23, 2012 3:00pm PDT
a bag of money and some chairs and table. according to the las vegas metropolitan police, this driver was agitated because he was down on his luck. >> was he going to leave his stuff there and walks into the desert and disappear. >> i don't know what he was planning to do but what he did after this was get arrested for resisting arrest. this is quite possibly the dumbest response i have ever seen to someone losing money in vegas. >> why would you take the time to move to throw it all in the middle of the street? >> all they said was this man was down on his luck. this is how he got his frustrations out. >> if i was him, i would feel pretty lucky i had all this stuff. >> he has five different kinds of chairs in that pile. >> they look like nice chairs. he could have resold them for some cash. you only need one chair if it is just you. >>> this guy looking like that standing in front of the sign, he just wants a ride. the story behind the video on rate this mint. >>> ready, set, arm wrestle. >> what was that sound? >> i think you can venture a >>> you have never seen a time-lapsed video
May 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
kinds of nasty behavior would be associated. from the metropolitan police department, there is no data that supports that. >> he says the council has adopted rules to allow liquor in grocery stores to begin selling alcohol at 7:00 a.m. bar hours will be extended on a trial basis. they will be able to stay open about 19 days to wrap the year. >> folks from the area are remembering the godfather of go- go. they honored chuck brown last night. they gathered to sing and share stories of the legendary singer last night. he was an icon. the creator of go-go. he loved the fans, just as much as they love him. >> i love taking pictures and signing autographs. there was a time when the on the people of the pictures were the police. -- where the only people who took pictures were the police. >> he said he grew up shining shoes and ended up in the prison. and inmates made him a guitar. once he got out, he hit it big with go-go. much more on his life and legacy on our website on >> tmz reporting the queen of disco, donna summers has died. she died this morning after a battle with cancer.
May 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
on the today show to clear his name and place blame on metropolitan police. >> and they have seemed accurately disinterested with anything showing that i was out of up to. the receipts are one example. >> and he was told he could not visit his wife and is allowed back in the hospital and feels like a person of interest in the case. the police have not commented. >>> there is a 104-year-old military veteran living in our area. not a man but a woman with a lot of spunk and a major honor coming her way. we'll meet her coming up. >>> the white house gave away too much information about a classified mission. and what is up in sports, dave. >>> bryce harper has some history with the phillies halladay. he's a good piper. bryce is a good hitter and rookie. they will hook up again tonight and we'll show you how bryce harper plans to tackle them. and so far, doing good against him. coming up. coming up. . >>> if you have a story idea, call the tipline. shoot an e-mail to   . >>> pakistani doctor who helped the u.s. government track down osama bin laden has been convicted
May 9, 2012 7:00pm EDT
around as top cop in d.c. signing a five-year extension to stay on as chief of the metropolitan police department. wtop reports her salary will remain the same, $253,000 a year. she's got no raises or bonuses. lanier has been chief since 2007. >>> loudoun county supervisors will decide the fate of phase 2 of metro silver line when they vote july on whether or not to opt out. that includes a poe posed staying at dulles airport -- proposed station at dulles errant. today a local consequence today we have the report. >> reporter: stage 2 is supposed to include two stops in loudoun county right here along the greenway, but loudon supervisors may not let that happen. >> i have nothing against dulles rail. i think it should stop at the airport. i don't think loudoun county residents will benefit from it. >> reporter: supervisor ken reed is unconvinced after listening to economist steven fuller. >> the outcome is more residential development with less commercial development, a higher tax burden for residents. this is a no brainer. >> reporter: fuller says with rail loudoun county will trac
May 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >>> metropolitan police chief cathy lanier will get to keep her job for the next five years. in a statement mayor vince gray says crime is down. sources say la near's salary will remain at the rate of $250,000 a year. >>> a man accused of killing a mother and daughter so he could abduct her sisters was in court today. the bodies of joanne bane and a 4-year-old were found outside tons. >>> the kiss against former presidential candidate john edwards. a former edwards spokesperson, now a white house staffer, testified about a tense scene in which edwards' late wife elizabeth blew up at donors. >>> if you've been hearing some random cheers, here's why. >> your washington capitals have just tied up their series with the new york rangers. kristen berset is live at verizon center. they tried their best to go into overtime. >> a little deja vu there. you were talking about some cheers. when about cow bells if there's plenty of that going on tonight. the caps playing some inspired hockey, backs against the wall. they yet to lose consecutive games, and that was not about to happen tonight. they got things
May 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
she always dreamed of. >> of the metropolitan police department started it all. >> then the council member's office called a limousine company. they doubted this rolls-royce. -- they offered this rolls- royce. >> it is also about showing kids in this city that adults are paying attention. >> in a matter what obstacles you are going through. >> she will go on to evergreen state college on multiple scholarships. we hope you have the time of your life. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> gunfire at a metro station two people are hit, and commuters are sent running for cover. >> this happened at the metro station in rockville. the gunmen opened fire hitting two teenagers. >> we have an update for you from 5:00. we now know there are two suspects in custody. one pulled the trigger one islam who might have been his accomplice. -- one who might have been his
May 14, 2012 12:40am EDT
. you told number 10 that unless the prime minister ordered the review by metropolitan police, "the sun" would put theresa may on the front page every day until "the sun"'s demands were met. is that true or not? >> no. >> is any part of that drew? >> i didn't speak to number 10, or the home office about the mccanns, and telling think after the campaign had been one. in a can of any conversation as i had, and i don't think directly to prime minister. i think it was one of his teams. >> we can find out in due course whether this is true or not, but i must repeat it to you. you just said you directly intervened with the prime minister and warned him that unless it was a review by the metropolitan police "the sun" will put their home secretary theresa may on the front page every day until "the sun"'s demands were met. is that true or not? >> i did not say to the prime minister i will put theresa may on the front page of "the sun" every day unless you give me -- i did not said the. invite any conversations with number 10 directly, they would have been particularly about that but they would'v
FOX News
May 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
of newspapers in the united kingdom and an the world far beyond anything asked of us by the metropolitan police. we have volunteered any evidence of apparent wrongdoing to the authorities and we have instituted sweeping changes in our internal controls and our compliance programs. the statement goes on to help ensure that nothing like this ever happens again anywhere at news corporation. the criticism of our ceo, i should say, the former head of g.e. jack welsh said, it is outlandish to suggest that rupert murdoch is anything less than perfectly fit to move the organization forward. i see nothing but integrity from him. he has nothing been straightforward and above board with all interactions with me and his council age us on and innovative moves have been a source of inspiration to me. that is from jack welsh. the committee has to decide on the punishment for the three current and former executives which is accused of giving misleading information about the scandal. >> on this day in 1927, britain imperial airway served the first in-flight meal on a flight from london to paris. at the time, pa
May 15, 2012 4:00pm EDT
hanna, paul edwards, and persons unknown to conceal material from the metropolitan police service. >> the couple released a statement calling the decision to proceed with the trial both unjust and weak. brooks stepped down as the head of rupert murdoch's british newspaper last summer. she rose through the company quickly and at a young age becoming editor of the sun tabloid and then editor of news of the world. when murdoch flew to london last summer, he were asked by a journalist outside his home what his priority was and he famously turned to brooks and said this one. days later, she resigned. brooks strongly denies all of the allegations. a date for the trial has yet to be set. stephanie gosk, nbc news london. >>> an airport security supervisor used a dead man's identity and he pleaded not guilty in court. that airport worker is from nigeria. police arrested him. he worked as an airport security supervisor at newark airport for the past 20 years. authorities say he's been using the name jerry thomas, who was the victim of a homicide in new york city back in 1992. prosecutors sa
May 13, 2012 8:00am EDT
. dcs metropolitan police department is offering a $1,000 reward for information thats to an -- leads to an arrest and conviction. >>> also new this morning a deadly accident involving a motorcycle and tractor trailer. this happened overnight in the 8900 block of wood yard road in clinton maryland. so far no word on what exactly lead to the crash but the driver of the motorcycle died. the westbound lane is open but the eastbound lane is still closed. >>> names of 362 u.s. law enforcement officers died on duty, will be formerly dedicated on the law enforcement officers memorial tonight. yesterday at the white house, president obama and vice- president biden, welcomed several officers who per forked heroically on the -- performed heroically on the job >> they don't ask for a lot of credit, they don't go to work planning to be heros. >> tonight's candlelight service will be held at the the memorial at 8:00 p.m. eric holder will deliver the key note. >>> president obama and mitt romney wrapped up a busy week on the campaign trail. romney had the honor of being commencement speaker at lib
May 7, 2012 5:00am EDT
. someone drove the 10-year-old to the metropolitan police station. she was struck in the leg while sitting in a vehicle. so far no information is available on any suspects. the girl is expected to recover. >>> this morning an investigation is underway into how a car ended up inside someone's apartment. this happened about four hours ago in glendale, maryland. the driver put their car halfway into an apartment. >>> the school board said the 10 commandments display is part of another presentation that includes historical documents. >>> it is time for another your money report. >> we are looking downward, jessica doyle? >> reporter: we are looking lower on wall street this morning. maybe a tough open for wall street on the heels of markets plummeting in overseas trading today. ization stocks are off about 2.5%. investors are reacting to elections in france and greece. voters kicked out politicians who have been leading austerity movements throughout europe. >>> back here in the u.s., if you want a bargain while buying a home, you may want to act fast. home prices are down 34% nationwide since
May 21, 2012 5:00am EDT
metropolitan police or dial 911 immediately. back to you, andrea? mike? >> reporter: today the man whose store became the focus of a 9 wants to know investigation is headed to trial. richard kim is accused of selling alcohol to a minor. our cameras caught underage customers. some told our news crew they had no problem getting alcohol there. >>> a singer from one of the most successful pop groups ever has died. robin gibbs died yesterday. he was 62 years old. gibbs had been fighting colorectal cancer for sometimes and he developed pneumonia just a few weeks ago. as part of the bee gees, barry and robin became part of saturday night fever. but they struggled to break out of their image as a disco group. >> you can't be wonderful to everybody one minute and terrible to everybody the next. we were pretty well devastated by it. >> reporter: now barry is the only surviving bee gee. after disco faded the brothers split up for other careers. in the 199 0z they were honored with the rock n roll hall of fame. >>> we'll see if the 2012 debt ceiling showdown ends differently from last year's. virginia dem
May 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
with the metropolitan police. >> yes. >> the second page of that, it appears that you did not engage with john gates, assistant commissioner, after december 2006. is that to the best of your recollection correct a? >> i -- i -- i don't think that's correct. i think i did meet him. but i, i me, we hoped, we hoped to show we hosted the police break the awards every year for start and i was always in attendance, and so, i'm sure that he would've been there. so i just, i really do not think the diary entries are a full picture. >> is likely to be a difference between a large function where you might bump into people, any conversation might be smashed, and dinner a wrestler, maybe only a few of you, conversation might be -- >> no, i did, i do remember having a meeting with john yates, a lunch, aroundi think about the time that cash for honor. >> we are back in 2005? >> right. again, this diary may be corrected in. i didn't see much of john yates spent are you able to say whether that you discuss phone hacking issues within? >> because i don't remember one meeting, i'm pretty sure though i attended the po
May 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
associated with their faith. d.c. is the first major metropolitan police department to make such a change. right now there is one sikh officer going through the police academy. >>> federal authorities in dallas are profiling a suspect tonight and offering a reward after a series of scares involving white powder. dozens of letters have been sent from the dallas area to schools, governors' offices, and embassy offices overseas since '08. several came to our area. the powder in the letters turned out to be corn starch but the incidents cost thousands of dollars because hazmat teams are called out. >> he has an unusual fascination with certain topics such as the fbi, intelligence, the cia, terrorism, aerospace industry, as well as conspiracy theories. >> there is a $150,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. >>> a judge found probable cause to move forward with a second-degree murder charge against a marine private first class. michael pof is accused of stabbing a fellow marine to death near barracks road last month. he is being held without bond and will be in court in july. pof
May 27, 2012 3:00am PDT
metropolitan police, she died by suffocation by compression. it's essentially strangulation. what the police tell us is that they have arrested two american men. both of them are in the music industry. a 19-year-old musician. he is considered a minor because adulthood is 20 years here in -- 20 years old here in japan. and the other is a dancer, 23-year-old james blackstone. the u.s. state department confirmed the two americans have been arrested, but wouldn't go any further than that. according to a news agency, though, we're getting new details from them. furlong and a friend attended a mickey minaj concert when they were approached by the two americans. they all went to dinner after the concert and ended up in a hotel in an area that's known after hours as a party and drinking area. tokyo police confirmed to cnn this at the hotel a guest complained of a loud noise in the early morning hours of thursday morning. when hotel workers got to the hotel room, they found nikola dead in the room with a 19-year-old american. police have arrested the two men. they arrested them for fondling the other
May 15, 2012 3:00pm PDT
the metropolitan police. they include her husband, charlie brooks, her former p.a., cheryl carter, the company's head of security, mark hannah, news international chauffeur paul edwards and security consultant darrell josling. apart from cheryl carter, they are all additionally charged with concealing documents, computers and other electronic equipment. however, cheryl carter and rebecca brooks are both charged with conspiring together to permanently remove seven boxes of material from the news international archive. all of this is happening during the furor over the phone hacking scandal last year when the news of the world here was closed down and rebecca brooks resigned. and if the allegations are true, then rebecca brooks will have been involved in a cover-up at the very time she was appearing in front of the cameras with rupert murdoch. tonight she said that is not what happened. it is not her judgment that is at fault. >> holman: observers say brooks's coming trial could send new shock waves through the murdoch media empire, as well as prime minister david cameron's government. mexico's
May 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
in is that the metropolitan police are determined to get to the bottom of it, their leads and with portuguese authorities. >> reporter: this could be the mccanns' last chance to find madeleine. they have shared their memories and her photos with the world in the hope that no one forgets that she is still a little girl lost and far from home. the mccanns have spoken again this week saying that they get great strength from cases in america where kids disappear and then reappear again after several years. they, of course, are hoping that the same will be true for madeleine. back to you. >> thank you, tazeen. >>> and if only every day on the campaign trail could be a slam dunk. senator scott brown showed his swagger on the basketball court at a local community center in hyannis, massachusetts. he lobbed an underhand shot sinking it from half-court. there rushed by the crowd. brown is currently running for re-election in massachusetts against challenger elizabeth warren. a good shot, that's for sure. six minutes past the hour right now. you're up to date. let's go back outside to al with a check of your weath
May 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
. she says a report about her boyfriend who is a sergeant for the metropolitan police department is a really cheap shot. during her monthly "ask the chief" segment on wtop, she disputed the front page report in "the washington times." the story says her boyfriend earned $34,000 in overtime pay, suggesting favoritism. >> i think it's a really cheap shot at my personal life. all the benefits that every member of the department gets are codified in law. they all get the same benefits. it can't be manipulated. so to suggest that i manipulated a particular sergeant's benefits is absurd. >> the article suggested that the chief lives with her boyfriend in maryland. lanier says she owns a home in maryland but her primary residence is in the ft. lincoln neighborhood in northeast washington. by law she must live in the district. >>> a former maryland terp and current oakland raiders wide receiver is facing drunk driving charges. darrius heyward bay was pulled over last month after police say him speeding and weaving. he failed a field sobriety test and was arrested. his blood alcohol level
May 14, 2012 5:00am EDT
, downtown traffic so far so good from ddot and metropolitan police. no issues to report heading into northeast, northwest, bridges in southeast checked in all right as well. that's a look at your drive. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. >>> it is about 5:02 now. maryland lawmakers have one more shot to get it right. a special session in the general assembly begins later this morning and a budget must be passed in order to avoid the so-called doomsday budget. >> delia goncalves is live in our satellite center with just how lawmakers expect to get this done if just three days when they couldn't get it done during the regular session. >> reporter: i know. that regular session 90 days and so that was five weeks ago. they couldn't get anything done 90 whole days. so the governor now says they have to get right down to business in order to pass a budget by wednesday. so of course that means there will be no discussion of the prince george's county galling casino proposed at national harbor. that will not be on the agenda. the governor blamed the gambling debate for the budget's failure
May 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
by the metropolitan police. >> zain verjee is live in london. your heart breaks for this family. >> gosh, it is a parents' worst nightmare really. madeleine would have been nine years old by now. almost five years since she disappeared back in 2007 when the whole family was on vacation in portugal. so they are really optimistic. they continue to hold on and what they are saying is there is something like almost 200 new leads potentially after about 40,000 new pieces of information have been analyzed so they are clinging onto that. just listen to what madeleine's father had to say when he was asked by an interviewer here in the u.k. about whether he imagines or dreams of what it would be like one day if he ever met his daughter again. >> it's hard to go there because it would be so good but you do think about it being reunited and it has happened for many other families. there's no reason why at this stage it can't happen for us. >> the situation right now, carol, as far as the investigation goes is that the portuguese are saying the investigation is closed unless there are new and credib
May 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
and unresponsive at this tokyo district hotel. she later died. tokyo metropolitan police say 21-year-old furlong was killed by sufficieocation. police say two american men arrived at the hotel around 1:00 a.m. by taxi. three hours later, a hotel guest complained of a loud noise coming from a room. when hotel workers got to that roochl they heard someone saying in english, "she's not breathing." police say furless long was unconscious. a 19-year-old american man the only other person in the room. the furlong family spokesman, a priest, tells cnn by telephone from ireland that this loss is incomprehensib incomprehensible. >> devastating to the local area because this section of the parish to which she belongs is a small end of the parish only 300 to 400 families in total. all of those 300 or 400 families would know each other quite well. in something of any nature happens it has a impact and especially a young person especially. everyone knows and everybody involved are concerned. >> reporter: police arrested the two american men in these cars being transferred from the police station to an undisc
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 65 (some duplicates have been removed)